PRAGUE, Czech Republic, October 29, 2021 – Rohlik Group ("Rohlik"), one of Europe's largest online grocery delivery services, is launching its new Italian range of products.

This new assortment is a direct response to Rohlik’s approach of listening to customer needs and continuously looking for new ways to serve as broad a customer base as possible. The range is made up of over 150 different quality products.


“Our data shows that our customers are increasingly interested in authentic foods, but want to taste them at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. So, today I am delighted to share that Rohlik is launching its latest product range - Italian specialties - which will be available in all countries. We’ve started working with Italian family producers with some amazing family stories behind their production, including those where products are being made by a fourth generation of producers. Our customers will enjoy precisely selected Italian products that deliver the taste of Italy right into their homes,” explains Stanislav Sekyra, Commercial discovery product owner at Rohlik.


“Mi sento come de fossi a casa della mamma”... “I feel like I'm at mum's house”
Rohlik's Italian range will include around 150 quality products such as cheese, ham, wine, burrata, olive oil and also traditional Italian pasta. Customers can look forward to a representative range of authentic DOP/IGP, regional, craft family produced products at affordable prices along with flagship  Italian delicatessen brands.

“A truly authentic Italian experience requires a broad range of products in the kitchen and on the dining table. Our range ensures customers around Europe can have the same experience at home as at an Italian trattoria, whilst at the same time supporting smaller family producers. Sourcing directly means a shorter, more efficient and more sustainable supply chain,” comments Jakub Petřina, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Rohlik Group.


Prodotti Italissimi 


In 1908, Felicetti took on the challenge of producing pasta in the very heart of the Dolomites (Italy), thanks to the vision of our grandfather, Valentino. Today, our production is organised into 4 main product lines, reaching a total volume of 30 000 tons per year, with over 200 different formats. However, we still use only organic semolina and spring water to mix our pasta and pure mountain air to dry it,” says Riccardo Felicetti, CEO of the company, adding: “The passion for good food and the approach to sustainability are the key drivers that Pastificio Felicetti shares with Rohlik Group. This cooperation will allow us to strengthen our market share in Central Europe, not only in countries where our presence is already strong, like Germany (which represents 28% of our exports), but also Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.”


BioOrto is a family-owned company located right next to the Gargano National Park on the east coast of Italy. Founded by Nino Passalacqua in 2003, it offers high-quality olive oil, organic vegetables and traditional Italian sauces and pesto throughout Europe. The secret to their success lies in a well managed yet artisanal approach to sowing, manual harvesting, packaging and marketing of their products.

Caseificio Olanda was founded in 1988 by husband and wife team Michele and Carmela Olanda in Andria, a city that has always been devoted to the production of dairy products. It is here that between the suggestive scenery of the Alta Murgia hills and the famous Castel del Monte, the two spouses raise their cows with particular care and attention, producing milk destined for their artisan dairy. Michele and Carmela personally select the best ingredients to create their famous “burrata”.


“The history of the Devodier family, even before that of the company, has always been closely linked with the charcuterie of Parma for almost three centuries. In 1963, Enrico Devodier was one of the original founders of the Parma Ham Consortium. Today the company has two generations of family united by the same passion for excellence, respect for the values of the past and craftsmanship as a treasure to be preserved, with sustainability and quality as the main core pillars.” says Michele Devodier, the latest generation of the family in the company, adding: “We always want to be offering a unique and exclusive tasting experience in a direct dialogue with our customers to bring home the aroma of our Ancient cellars to the whole world. The collaboration with Rohlik will be a winning one, because we share the same love for good, authentic products and the same core mission of always delivering the highest quality possible to our customers.”


At Fratelli Pinna, the history begins more than a hundred years ago with two brothers. All their cheese and ricottas have always only been produced with milk from Sardinian flocks. Some of their cheese represents millennia of history, others are their own creations - new interpretations of an ancient wisdom. Cheese, bread and wine are the simplest and yet most precious foods, and can be prepared in a thousand different ways. By varying preparation and maturation, the same milk is transformed into something totally different. Very fresh and delicate cheeses, others having a strong, even spicy flavour, velvety, soft and sweet ricottas or matured ricottas , are thus born. It is a whole world of flavours, which comes from a small island with great wisdom.


About Rohlik Group

Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, Rohlik Group is one of Europe's leading online grocery delivery services. Already active in the Czech Republic (, Hungary (, Austria ( and Germany ( Deploying world-leading technology & logistics to deliver a huge range of quality products (17 000 SKUs+), Rohlik companies offer a 15-minute delivery window with delivery as soon as within 90 minutes of placing an order in some countries. The Rohlik family is a data-driven company in everything they do. By owning its end-to-end operations, including having all technology in-house, Rohlik provides a superior customer experience and the freshest food from local farmers and artisans, as well as a broad supermarket selection. The company was funded with EUR 290 mil. this year and is profitable, dynamic and growing rapidly. Rohlik turnover exceeded €300 million in 2020. 


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