, part of the Rohlik Group, is providing quality food for the competitors of the European Aquatics Championships. The continental race, which takes place from the 10th to the 23rd of May, will feature 2,300 competitors from 51 countries.

The event takes place in Budapest and is the final swimming competition before the Olympics, and the first since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic. 

2,300 competitors from 51 countries will take part in the European Aquatics Championship; Hungarians and Italians will be represented by the largest number of teams. Due to the pandemic situation, a “bubble system” has been applied and the competitors will be accommodated in seven hotels. 

They are restricted to the hotel, the Danube Arena, and the long-distance competition venue. Travel between accommodation and venues is provided by dedicated shuttles.

“We are honoured to be partners in such a prestigious competition. The services of have been designed in such a way that we can provide the best quality products to swimming competitors in comfortable and safe conditions. In the bubble, athletes need to be able to shop without contact. I am confident that as many people as possible will take advantage of the shopping opportunity and experience how it feels to belong to the Kifli family,” commented Peter Klekner, CEO

With the help of, competitors can order the freshest food from local farmers and artisans and other quality products directly from their hotel during the European Championship. All participants are able to place an order online via the site or a smartphone app and the dedicated staff at customer service will handle the competitors' requests. 

The innovative online grocery delivery service provides two delivery times per day to all seven hotels. Couriers work within an hour window during delivery to ensure that the order is delivered and the food is not spoiled at reception. All payments are made online to avoid cash. Couriers are equipped with gloves and masks and make sure strict hygienic rules are kept. Delivery will be completely free and contactless.

“Ordered in a bubble system, the LEN European Championship creates a micro-environment in which athletes and participants can only move between the competition venue and their accommodation. However, it often happens when travelling at home or abroad that you need to find products that may seem like small things - water, soft drinks, household items or cosmetics, etc. We need the opportunity to give the athletes and teams in the bubble the things that they don’t have. That's when the idea came to contact a retail company as a partner that not only undertakes delivery to dedicated accommodation, but can also flexibly track needs. We are happy to cooperate with, a member of Rohlik Group, as a service provider, which we hope will make daily purchases for our guests as easy as they are made for customers in Budapest,” said Sándor Wladár President of the Hungarian Swimming Association.

About Kifli has grown at an outstanding pace so far. Since entering the market in 2019, it has virtually revolutionized online retail. In contrast to large department store chains, here the good value-for-money products meet with exclusive services. 

Friendly couriers, consumer-focused logistics, and customer service are all reasons why was able to multiply its turnover, sales, and the number of its customers in a  short period of time. 

Facts and figures: 

• More than 4,000 regulations per day

• More than 40,000 customers 

• 200 couriers 

• Cars powered by CNG fuel

• 11,000 products - a wide expanding range

• Product range with refillable packaging 

About Rohlik Group

Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, Rohlik is the European leader of e-grocery in Central Europe. Already active in the Czech Republic (, Hungary ( and Austria (, the company will be launching in the coming months in Germany ( 

By owning its end-to-end operations, including all in-house technology, Rohlik provides a superior customer experience with the freshest food from local farmers and artisans, as well as having a broad supermarket selection. 

Rohlik’s turnover exceeded €300 million in 2020. It currently has 750,000 customers across three international markets.

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