Berlin, 22 April 2024 — Rohlik Group, a leading European online grocery retailer, today launches in Berlin. This pivotal launch is part of Rohlik Group's strategic expansion, aiming to reach €10 billion in revenue by 2030 and to expand into 15 additional German cities. Knuspr is poised to transform the grocery shopping landscape in Berlin by offering an unmatched blend of convenience, quality, and local flavor.


Today, Knuspr opens its digital doors, offering an extensive range of over 19,000 products. This selection includes branded products at low prices, particularly fresh, high-quality foods, specialties from more than 150 regional partners, and a variety of pharmacy and pet food items, all available at the click of a button. The service reaches across the entire Berlin area, extending to neighbouring Potsdam and parts of Brandenburg, and operates from the strategically located Schönefeld distribution centre.

"We are thrilled to welcome Berlin to our growing family. The success we've experienced in Munich and Frankfurt gives us confidence that Berlin customers will appreciate the unique combination of wide assortment, superior fast delivery, and support for local manufacturers that offers," said Tomáš Čupr, founder and CEO of Rohlik Group

"Our launch in Berlin aims to simplify and enrich shopping experiences with a comprehensive product range, combining favourable pricing and the finest regional offerings. We're excited to develop Berlin into our largest location, continually enhancing our selection to cater to the city's diverse culinary needs," says Mark Hübner, Managing Director of


The introduction of in the greater Berlin area also marks the transition from the long-established Bringmeister brand, which Knuspr acquired last autumn. Bringmeister delivered its last orders on 20 April. "We are proud to take over from Bringmeister and are fully committed to maintaining the high standards that customers have come to expect. We look forward to building trust with existing Bringmeister customers and delighting them with our enhanced service and product range," explains Hübner.

The Berlin launch signals the beginning of Knuspr's ambitious expansion across Germany, which is central to achieving Rohlik Group’s revenue targets. "Berlin is a critical market for us and marks the start of a significant expansion strategy in Germany. Our goal is to redefine the grocery delivery service, making it faster, more reliable, and deeply integrated with the local food ecosystem," added Čupr.


About Rohlik Group

Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, Rohlik Group has built the definitive industry model for online grocery, and is fast becoming Europe’s food retail technology leader. With best-in-class assortment, fast and reliable delivery, and powered by cutting-edge technology and automation at every step of the journey, Rohlik redefines the customer experience and offers superior quality, efficiency and sustainability compared to quick commerce and traditional grocery models. 

Rohlik offers one of the broadest and most differentiated assortments available in the online grocery space (19,000 SKUs), ranging from fresh food from local farmers and artisans to supermarket goods and private label brands, and offers highly reliable 15-minute delivery windows and same-day deliveries available as soon as 1 hour after booking. Ninety-seven percent of Rohlik’s deliveries are on time.  

Rohlik is active in the Czech Republic (, Hungary (, Austria (, Germany ( and Romania (, and is growing rapidly.