PRAGUE, Czech Republic, August 12, 2021 – Rohlik Group ("Rohlik"), one of Europe’s leading online grocery delivery businesses, announces that it has launched its services in Munich, Germany under the Knuspr brand. is Germany’s newest online grocery store, with locations in Munich and Frankfurt (launching winter 2021), with other cities such as Hamburg, Cologne, Dortmund and more to follow in 2022. This expansion enables over 15 million more people to experience the now famous Rohlik Group customer experience for the first time. delivers fresh and quality food directly to customers' homes within three hours. At the heart of the complete range are fresh regional products such as fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, and bakery products, which together make up more than 30% of the range. sources more than two-thirds of its products directly from producers and farmers, rather than, as usual, from wholesalers and intermediaries. This means that regional products can be delivered to the customer a few hours after harvest or production. was launched by Rohlik Group after its successful expansion into Hungary ( and into Austria (

Erich Čomor, CEO, commented: “The significant success of our business model in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria shows how fast the popularity of buying quality food online is growing. And that's just the beginning - we expect the share of online grocery shopping in Germany to reach 30% in the next five years, and with we will be making a significant contribution to this development. Our goal is quite clear: to supply better food to approximately 30 million customers within three years and to become the number one online grocery delivery service in Germany in the medium term. The company’s obsession regarding customer experience is reflected in every step of the order; from the broad and unique assortment, with more than 9,000 items to choose from at the beginning, to the superior delivery experience. Compared to other online food retailers, we guarantee a better and unique selection of fantastic food, fast delivery within 3 hours and excellent customer service. In addition, we set new standards for quality and freshness, with 30% of our range coming from local producers, which benefits the environment and the local community. This makes the ideal online supplier for weekly grocery shopping.”


Rohlik's logistics expertise has proven vital in helping customers access quality food. guarantees delivery within 3 hours of order and within 60 minutes of confirmed delivery. For premium delivery, the online grocery provider commits to a time window of 15 minutes. Deliveries take place Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.

“At the beginning of March, we announced our first round of funding, in which we raised €190 million. Three months later we raised another €100 million, attaining unicorn status. These investments demonstrate the confidence of our investors in the rapid growth of Rohlik Group,” explains Tomáš Čupr, founder and CEO Rohlik Group, adding: “We are seen as a European company that is able to expand rapidly in the very challenging Western European markets. The additional capital is helping us to grow faster than originally planned and is accelerating the development and expansion into new markets, the technical development of our distribution centres and the perfect implementation of innovation throughout the company. And it allows us to bring the best people on board. Rohlik wants to enable people in Europe to eat better and live happier lives. In the near future, we will expand into Romania, Italy, France and Spain to become a leading European player.”

Thanks to this innovative concept of fresh products, a wide range of products and fast delivery, is considered a revolutionary player in the world of online grocery delivery services.


About Rohlik Group

Founded in 2014 in the Czech Republic, Rohlik Group is one of Europe's leading online grocery delivery services. Already active in the Czech Republic (, Hungary (, Austria ( and Germany ( Deploying world-leading technology & logistics to deliver a huge range of quality products (17 000 SKUs+), Rohlik companies offer a 15-minute delivery window with delivery as soon as within two hours of placing an order. The Rohlik family is a data-driven company in everything they do. By owning its end-to-end operations, including having all technology in-house, Rohlik provides a superior customer experience and the freshest food from local farmers and artisans, as well as a broad supermarket selection. The company was funded with EUR 290 mil. this year and is profitable, dynamic and growing rapidly. Rohlik turnover exceeded €300 million in 2020. It currently has 750,000 customers across three international markets. 

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