PRAGUE, Czech Republic, September 8th, 2021 – Rohlik Group Chief Commercial Officer, Olin Novák, has been promoted to head Rohlik’s Czech operations. He will replace Petr Pavlík from the beginning of October, with this now being his third position within the company, and second within the Czech entity. As one of Rohlik’s most experienced managers, he has been a key growth driver and culture creator, especially as concerns its focus on quality food, amazing customer services and rapid innovation.


Olin joined Rohlik Czech in September 2018 as its Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer. Summarizing his career within the company to date, Olin points out that: I chose Rohlik three years ago for its unique approach to improving customer service. I took the role of Group Chief Commercial Officer to further expand our offer of great food on all the markets where Rohlik Group operates. The quality of our range is a key aspect of our customer satisfaction. I want to continue to build on this, so that Rohlik is the preferred place of regular shopping for as many customers as possible. I look forward to using my experience at Rohlik to further grow our Czech business and to continue to improve our services.


Part of his Rohlik experience also includes procurement and supply chain management as well as private label development and the increasingly important programs for supporting local smaller growers and producers, enabling delivery of their products to customers within a matter of hours: “Making our customers happy is still a passion that fulfills me and drives me forward every day. The quality of our product sortiment is of course integral to customer satisfaction, along with our delivery service. These are values that simply don't change.”


“Olin has been instrumental in helping me manage the various challenges associated with online grocery shopping. He understands the strengths of our brand, marrying them with the right suppliers and new customer initiatives,” says Tomáš Čupr, founder and CEO Rohlik Group, adding: “We share the same vision of what the online store of the future should look like. Olin is a world class talent who has already proven that he understands the complexity of the challenges that need to be solved in the on-demand food delivery industry. I know he will work on bettering our company each and every and seek out new development and growth opportunities for


The current CEO, Petr Pavlík, is leaving the company at the end of September. He navigated the team successfully through the challenging coronavirus period, during which the company again almost doubled its turnover, breaking through the 20,000 orders per day mark for the first time in December 2020, opening a new warehouse in Prague, introducing the first outdoor Rohlik Points, and being a key moment of support for the launch of sister companies in Hungary, Austria and Germany.


Concerning his departure, Petr Pavlik commented: "Online retail can be looked upon as a business decathlon, that opens up new horizons for anyone who wants to keep developing and learning. And this is doubly true for the ultra-dynamic Rohlik. I have been following Rohlik since its beginning and I am proud to have joined Tomáš Čupr's team. I was fascinated by his very strong and inspiring customer-centric concept and his perfectly refined model. Rohlík has set the bar very high for Czech e-commerce in general and grocery retail in particular. At the end of the day, hundreds of thousands of happy customers benefit. I, in turn, am delighted to read the reviews of customers who rate their purchases with us. The Rohlik experience has been amazing, especially now during its time of expansion abroad. When was the last time a Czech retailer expanded beyond our borders and straight into Austria and Germany?"


The appointment comes at an important time for the Rohlik Group, which this year raised €290 million from investors, achieved unicorn status and expanded into Germany. The company will soon expand into Romania, Italy, France and Spain.