Munich, November 3, 2023 - The Rohlik Group has embarked on a new chapter with Mark Hübner taking the reins as CEO of and from November 1, 2023. Lorenz Diederichs will continue as co-managing director, overseeing operations. This pivotal transition signifies a stride towards broad-scale growth and profitability, following the strategic acquisition of Bringmeister. The new CEO will be able to fully focus on these topics and Marketing Director Carolin Kracmer and Commercial Director Stephen Lüger, previous co-managing directors, will again 100% concentrate on their executive roles.


Hübner is tasked with an ambitious objective: escalating the group's revenues from €1 billion to €10 billion by 2030, while expanding into 15 more German cities.


"Germany and Austria are crucial to our accelerated growth strategy in Europe. With Mark Hübner at the helm, we're poised to capitalize on significant market opportunities, including a major push into additional German cities and targeting over €5 billion in revenue across the DACH region by 2030," states Olin Novak, CEO International of Rohlik Group. "Together with Carolin Kracmer,  Stephan Lüger and Lorenz Diederichs, our leadership team has never been stronger. They're committed to refining our customer experience and broadening the reach of our innovative services."


A seasoned leader, Hübner has previously propelled Rohlik Group's own brand and distinctive product range, and his earlier stint as Country Manager for Amazon Fresh Germany has honed his expertise for his current leadership role.


"I'm eager to embrace this opportunity and am dedicated to delighting our customers with our services. Our customers are at the core of our operations, and we look forward to introducing our offerings to Berlin early next year," says Hübner. "Our promise of speed and variety will elevate the shopping experience, soon to be enhanced with 60-minute express delivery and 15-minute delivery windows. With Munich nearing profitability, we're ready to extend our successful model throughout Germany. In Vienna, our warehouse enhancements will enable even faster deliveries and a broader product selection."


Hübner's promotion to CEO and the strategic initiatives for Knuspr and Gurkerl reflect Rohlik Group's robust ambition and commitment to the German-speaking markets. Poised to approach a revenue milestone of nearly €1 billion this year after incorporating Bringmeister, the group continues to display a robust growth momentum of 30% annually, setting a solid foundation for the upcoming expansion.