PRAGUE, Czech Republic, January 31, 2022 – revealed that its single largest selling item in 2021 is bottled mineral water in single-use PET bottles. Inspired by customer feedback under their social media post on this topic, and in line with the company’s focus on sustainability, the decision has been made to reduce the demand for water in disposable bottles by any means possible. And, as with any good initiative, the company will lead by example, by no longer promoting PET bottled products in any marketing activities. On an internal level, employees in the office and warehouse are also being motivated to join this new Water Choice campaign, with water dispensers and eco-friendly bottles being provided. Kifli's customers are encouraged to do the same as part of the effort to work together on creating PET-bottle-free workplaces and homes.


When asked about the goal of this initiative, Péter Klekner, CEO of explained: „The aim is to reduce the demand for disposable bottled water – even if it seems to be in contradiction with Kifli’s commercial goals. And, if I see that our customers support us in this, I will push this even further. I believe a change in habits is needed and we should consume more filtered tap water. At the end of the day, it’s all about the water,“ stressing that he personally stands by this principle. 



Andi Tóth, founder of the website “Without Waste”, a zero-waste consultant and advocate of the PET-bottle-free movement, explains further: „Together with, we would like to bring the Water Choice campaign to as many people as possible, shaping the mindset of today’s generation. Bottled juices or clasp bottles are worth their weight in gold if you refill them with tap water and use them as canteens. Few people know that PET bottles are disposable objects that have surface imperfections that are invisible to the naked eye. Fungi and bacteria can thus adhere to the insides of disposable bottles after refilling and even detergent does not help with their cleaning.” Andi also adds that “Heat and sunlight can damage the structure of the PET bottle, resulting in the release of additional compounds that are harmful to health. Also, PET bottled water contains an average of 325 pieces of microplastic, while a liter of tap water contains only 3-5 pieces of microplastic. Not to mention the waste generated.“


As one can read on the Without Waste website, the recycling efficiency of PET bottles in Hungary is surprisingly low, at only 30%. And, switching to tap water can also save money for the family: Based on average daily consumption of 1.5 litres of drinking water per person per day for a year, a family of 5 consumes 2737.5 litres of water per year - this translates to 1825 units of 1.5 litre PET bottles of water. At an average price of 100  HUF (0,28 EUR), it can cost a family  182,500 HUF (510,74 EUR) to consume drinking water. But, based on water and sewerage charges, the same amount would cost only 1,309 HUF (3,66 EUR). So by not using PET bottles, a family saves  169,410 HUF (507,08 EUR) per year.



„We don't want to make people feel guilty, we just want to inspire them to think about how we can all be a little more sustainable in our daily lives. There is no right or wrong solution. If someone uses an alternative solution once a day for water consumption, they’re already making an impact on their life and the environment,“ adds Dávid Nagy, PR Manager of Kifli and idea owner

Many small actions can have a huge impact on our environment. With this campaign, is also encouraging its customers to make the switch to sustainable water consumption, and they offer a number of alternatives. In the Water Choice campaign, they are promoting water filters, canteens and home soda making machines that are an excellent substitute for drinking water from PET bottles.


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